JUKI companies to expand the quality of electric production line

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High-speed placement machine, high-speed universal placement machine KE KE - 3010-3020 v / 3020 vr, electrodynamic dual-track belt feeder "EF08HD" to start selling

JUKI for fulfilling high speed high quality electric lines, on January 5, 2012 introduced a high-speed placement machine "KE - 3010" general placement machine, high-speed "KE - 3020 v / 3020 vr", electrodynamic dual-track belt feeder "EF08HD". JUKI as pioneers of modular placement machine, since 1993, "KE" series products, over the years won customer high praise. Series of products with chip machine with general unit, can according to how much flexibility in production to go into production lines.

High-speed placement machine "KE - 3010" is the upgrade version of "KE - 2070", is also a support for the first time in KE series chip placement machine using a dynamic model of feeder. High-speed universal patch "KE - 3020 v / 3020 vr" as all kinds of models of components can be pasted on the subsequent model of the "r" KE - 3020/3020, while inherit KE series product advantages, greatly increased the speed of SMT. It USES "uninterrupted high-speed image recognition technology, the IC components of mount faster than a 63% increase over the previous model. In addition, the machine USES the latest research and development of high-speed tray server, can shorten the pallet change-over time, therefore, can significantly improve the speed of pallet supply components, so as to achieve the aim of improving production efficiency.

These two models are equipped with "dynamic" and "mechanical" belt feeder (component supply device). In addition to the previous electric monorail feeder, adopting the new listing of "dual-track type belt type feeder", make the component can be pasted on the types of up to 160 species, 2 times the previous model, which can greatly reduce the number of refueling so can improve production efficiency.

Use "KE - 3010" and "KE - 3020 v / 3020 vr" combination, to build high speed high quality electric lines, meet the needs of many kinds of small batch production. In addition, using high-speed modular placement machine "FX - 3 r" and the universal placement machine "KE - 3020 v / 3020 vr" combination, can build high-speed electric production line, high quality meet the mobile phones and smart phones and other products of the batch production, can be flexible enough to respond to customer's diverse needs.

JUKI plan through to build the model of the high speed high quality electric production line, to further expand the market share.

Product features:

High speed continuous image recognition

Improve the camera image recognition performance. Adopted are not continuously continuous shooting drain on suction mouth of each element, and image recognition of the new technology at the same time. Compared with the previous models (KE - 3020 - r), the mount speed by 63%, to 9470 CPH (using MNVC)

Support high-speed tray server (options)

High-speed tray support can significantly shorten the pallet change-over time server "TR - 7 d *", can significantly improve the speed of pallet supply components.

High-speed tray server "TR - 7 d" will be available in the near future.

Support dynamic dual-track belt feeder

New double-track type belt feeder, although its width with past 8 mm belt type electric monorail feeder same of 17 mm, but can install two 8 mm wide strip. The machine use dual-track type belt feeder, can be equipped with a maximum of 160 kinds of components.
Can flexibly construct the production line

KE - 3020 v / 3020 vr and high-speed modular patch "FX - 3 r" combination, to build up the high speed, high precision and high commonality of electric production line, and if the dual-track type belt feeder, up to 400 kinds of elements can be pasted on.

With KE KE - 3010-3010 v / 3020 vr combination, can build the province area, high speed, high precision and can satisfy the need of many kinds of small batch production of modular production line. Using electric double-track belt type feeder, up to 320 kinds of elements can be pasted on the.
Covers an area of high efficiency

Compared with 3020/3020 KE - r, shape size is only 175 mm wide, high 30 mm, weight is about 200 kg, realize the miniaturization and lightweight, covers an area of high efficiency.