Introduce general JUKI SMT machine to enlarge the range of SMT components:JX-200

Column:Company News Time:2018-01-04 Browsing volume: 1693

JUKI simple since the launch of expanding the scope of the SMT components, can introduce smooth compact, high speed, efficient general placement machine "JX - 200". This machine is suitable for use and will hand pasted on the manual work to switch to use SMT machine mount to the user.

New product "JX - 200" to the current popular choiceness, high-speed and efficient placement machine JX - 100 as the foundation, plus the JUKI unique laser recognition, and in the standard equipped with the function of image recognition, which can identify the chip components to 33. 5 mm square small dense spacing between IC and various special shapes components of SMT homework, expand the scope mount.

The aircraft in addition to the production size is 410 mm * 250 mm standard substrate, but also through the use of choose and buy, production for the LED products such as the size of 800 mm x 250 mm length size of the substrate. In addition, the model of the touch screen, can ensure that import SMT machine for the first time customers can through the simple and clear visual effect to master the use of the machine.

"JX - 200" the volume of the cabinet is second to none in the industry, only a SMT machine can be completed from the chip to the special shape of component element of SMT; And can be used in the production of long size LED substrate, has excellent versatility.

The aircraft's main features are as follows:

Excellent versatility

Equipped with JUKI unique recognition - the identification function of the laser. And standard equipped with cameras, image recognition can be realized, thereby expanding the scope of components can be pasted on the; Mount is wide and support from the chip to 33.5 mm square small dense spacing IC and various kinds of special shape elements such as SMT homework.

Chip components SMT speed 18050 CPH (0.199 seconds/chip: best conditions; IPC9850 conditions: 13900 CPH), IC components SMT speed can reach 4400 CPH.

Simple operational

Using the GUI (graphical user interface), picture simple visual touch-screen operation, beginners can also be easily operation.

By recognized data, simple performance, skilled can shorten the time, to ensure smooth import equipment

The remarkable economic benefits

Overall dimensions for width 1455 mm * 1295 mm * 1460 mm high depth, weighing about 1000 ㎏, small volume light weight, can save working space.

Power rating of 1.6 kVA, fully considered in the design of power saving.

Suction nozzle and belt type feeder, production data and the previous generation models have compatibility, to ensure effective use of assets.

Can support SMT LED (options)

Although the light volume, but can be used in production of lighting products such as the maximum size of 800 mm x 250 mm length size of the substrate. Can prevent LED color and luminosity appear with the function of the deviation, so deal with leds SMT job's ability to get promoted.