YXC HC-49S 25MHZ 20PPM 20PF instead CITIZEN HCM49-25.000MABJ-UT CRISTAL 25.000 MHZ SMT 18PF LF

Products > Crystal oscillators > YXC HC-49S 25MHZ 20PPM 20PF instead CITIZEN HCM49-25.000MABJ-UT CRISTAL 25.000 MHZ SMT 18PF LF

YXC HC-49S 25MHZ 20PPM 20PF instead CITIZEN HCM49-25.000MABJ-UT CRISTAL 25.000 MHZ SMT 18PF LF


YXC HC-49S 25MHZ 20PPM 20PF instead CITIZEN HCM49-25.000MABJ-UT CRISTAL 25.000 MHZ SMT 18PF LF 

Product Details

Part name: YXC HC-49S 25MHZ 20PPM 20PF

PN:  HC-49S 25MHZ 20PPM 20PF

Package: /

Brand: YXC 

Factory Packing QTY: 50

Condition: original new

Delivery time: in stock

Shipment: by Express DHL/FedEx/UPS/SF, by air


Product Picture

Precautions for the use of Crystal oscillators

1. Excessive mechanical shocks during handling as well as manual and automatic assembly must be avoided.

2. After long-term storage at higher humidity, it is recommended to bake these units at 120°C for 2 hours before reflow soldering.

3. Select the appropriate supply voltage according to circuit requirements to ensure proper operation of the crystal. Improper supply voltage may result 

in degradation or damage to the crystal.

4. When placed on the workbench, make sure the environment is clean and tidy and well ventilated.

5. When soldering the crystal oscillator (active crystal) to the board, make sure that its side pads are not shorted or in contact with the bottom pads. This 

may cause the crystal to stop oscillating or the output frequency to become unstable.


Crystal oscillators are used in a wide range of applications, covering everything from communications technology to electronic devices. For example, 

communication technology, electronic computers, electronic equipment, automotive systems, etc. They are an important and indispensable component 

of modern electronic equipment.

The procedures of Crystal oscillators inspection includes:

▪ Lable Verification to check if the part is original and consistent with  the order

▪ Appearance Inspection to make sure the package is correct and there is no damage to the surface

▪ Package Inspection 

▪ Third-party test conduction via our in-house, certified test labs for quality guarantee

▪ Picture archive for the shipping package

Each step of the inspection is very rigorous and aims to ensure that all products are delivered with the expected standard of excellence and quality.

Our service

ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited have two categories:

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