Tianbo relay HJR-3FF-S-Z-5VDC instead NJR-3FF-SC-NI-5-NI11 RELE HJR-3FF-5V

Products > Relay > Tianbo relay HJR-3FF-S-Z-5VDC instead NJR-3FF-SC-NI-5-NI11 RELE HJR-3FF-5V

Tianbo relay HJR-3FF-S-Z-5VDC instead NJR-3FF-SC-NI-5-NI11 RELE HJR-3FF-5V


Tianbo relay HJR-3FF-S-Z-5VDC instead NJR-3FF-SC-NI-5-NI11 RELE HJR-3FF-5V

Product Details

Part name: Tianbo relay HJR-3FF-S-Z-5VDC


Package:  SMD

Brand: Tianbo 

Condition: original new

Delivery time: in stock

Shipment: by Express DHL/FedEx/UPS/SF, by air


Product Picture

Precautions for the use of Relay

1. The use of Relay should strictly follow the range of each parameter listed in the product specification, such as voltage, current and temperature.

2.The operating voltage of the relay and the control signal need to be matched, otherwise it may cause the relay to burn out.

3. Before use, it should be confirmed that the working voltage of the input signal and the output device are the same.

4. The wires of the input signal and output circuit need to be wired correctly to avoid loss of control of the relay.

5.Relay should be used in a room temperature and humidity environment with little dust and harmful gases as much as possible. Harmful gases include 

gases containing sulfur, silica, and nitrogen oxides.

6.Avoid dropping the relay or subjecting it to strong shocks, as this may damage its internal structure and performance.

7. At the end of the use of the relay, the power supply should be cut off in time to prevent the relay from working for a long time leading to damage 

or malfunction.


Relays have a wide range of applications, and they play an important role as an electronic control device in several industries and fields. For example, 

industrial automation and control systems, power protection and monitoring, communication and network systems, smart home and Internet of Things,

traffic and transportation systems, etc. With the continuous development of science and technology, Relay's application scenarios are also expanding and 

deepening, which provide strong support for the development of various industries.

The procedures of Relay inspection includes:

▪ Lable Verification to check if the part is original and consistent with  the order

▪ Appearance Inspection to make sure the package is correct and there is no damage to the surface

▪ Package Inspection 

▪ Third-party test conduction via our in-house, certified test labs for quality guarantee

▪ Picture archive for the shipping package

Each step of the inspection is very rigorous and aims to ensure that all products are delivered with the expected standard of excellence and quality.

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